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in the year 1990, raoul r. started his contagious experimental works. at first, he named his indescribable music t:u:t:p (the unbelievable t.v. preacher), influenced by the great, old-school industrial masters like s.p.k., skinny puppy, throbbing gristle, nurse with wound, and especially esplendor geométrico. after two years of testing, he changed his projectname into noisex. in the meantime, the sound was becoming more rhythmic and structured, in the direction of industrial rhythms. in 1992, the first noisex tapes 'first mistakes' & 'save the whales' were released. thereafter, the typical noisex style had to be further developed. raoul's atypical effect lines made it impossible for him to work without more equipment. more than one year of total isolation in his noise-studio, he produced more than 100 tracks of pure industrial rhythms.



1994 was the year that dkf was launched. this first side-project from noisex reflects the noisy side of raoul r. dkf is best explained as a hard visual and acoustic performance. the first dkf tape was called "nümb by nöise änd deäd förever". 1994/95 were two more years of magnificent mental passion. with dkf, on steinklang records, raoul released the first full-time vinyl "schmerzgrenze" and a special bonus picture 7" single covering this work. during this time, raoul further collaborated with richard donhauser (nobdrun) on a project called z:z:z (zentral zerstörter zwölffingerdarm).



there was also a limited steel boxset published on steinklang records, with a clear 7" single, together with an exclusive dkf t-shirt, and the noisex debut-cd "out of order". the 'out of order' cd was published on mental ulcer forges. frankly, on "out of order", raoul revere flirts with his musical idols. his minimal loops (tarantula danza) and harsh sound carpets (reaktorkatastroph) lends the assessment individual danceable noise. and this is exactly what the scene is hungry for, considering the fact that the increasing instrumental standardization forces many newcomers to lose their breath. you can literally hear the creator's reluctance on productions of this type. not the hippest high-end tweet has a formative influence to music. no... but the simple tone is still making it. finally raoul revere released the andxesion pic. vinyl "terratorium" on steinklang records (their very last release until yet). andxesion is a pure liveproject, and "terratorium" is a unique idea. the meaning of andxesion is that different industrial artists meet together live on stage, and play a kind of "freerhythmic-noiseimprovisation". raoul performed with his project's noisex and dkf more than 30 times during this year in europe.



may.97: 400 days after terrorizing the world with his debut album "out of order", raoul r. finished the second strike "over and out". all tracks are written and produced by raoul r. beside the "out of order"-tour 1996. additional support by anja.x (ultra instinct). "out of order" is another part of this never-ending line of world destruction. is this the end? what's next? songs like "human control", "real", and "underground dreamland" have to respond. the evolution is moving faster still, and over and out is an explosive melting of harsh power movements, well-structured, intelligent tunes, technoid grooves, and minimalistic electronics. 


some out of order reviews ... excerpts:


...over and out still retains the gritty, raw quality of out of order, but adds styles such as hip-hop, speed ebm, break-beat, and strict electro into the mix... with the addition of so many musical styles, over and out plays off as a very strong release. i hope that future releases by raoul follow this exact pattern. [by the industrial bible]

... raoul r. has gotten into his jumpsuit and created another non-traditional mix of "drum 'n noise". he does a good job of putting together some noise that doesn't completely mix at times, which makes it all that more great. [by don muerte]

another andxesion live project was on the 24th of may 1997 during the 2 day festival "music in elektrisch" in aachen, germany. andxesion will never be: raoul r. (noisex, dkf, thorax, ultra instinct), olivier moreau (imminent starvation, delta files, ambre, torsion, urawa), philipp münch (synapscape, ars moriendi), tim kniep (synapscape, blendwerk), patrick stevens (sonar, noshinto, hypnoskull), p.a.l, salt, t.hein (krakatoa), sascha ruf (krakatoa), andreas schramm (asche, ars moriendi, templegarden's) and jörg eberle (rabenhirn). recently, the recording of this performance became cult status and it was released as limited vinyl lp "live punishment 03" on the labels ant-zen & plichtkauf.


in late august 1997, noisex razed the u.s. in a fiery storm of electronic mayhem. the noisex us-inferno tour was supported by the infamous artwar terrorists s.alt and micha of ant-zen audio & visual arts, anja x of ultra instinct, and sed, king of the nudelsup burners, as well as many special guests that has made brief appearances here and there. we enjoyed the tour a lot and we thank you all for your very kind support! very special thanks to sage @ culture shock magazine, oren schmidt @ pain konsept, scott & james @ possessibe blindfold records & french frank @ das bunker, la.



noisex appeared on several festivals, like the ant-zen festival nr.1 in mechelen, belgium; the ant-zen festival nr.2 in arnheim, the netherlands; the gothic meeting in leipzig and several other's. early 1998 raoul started working on new songs for the double cd 'ignarrogance', which became more anarchic and much more rougher than before. the songstructures are very complex and the mixture with other music styles became much more intense and perfect. maybe you can call it drum'n noise or dist beat (distorted beats)... or whatever.


the festival in arnheim, netherlands - 26/27.06.98: noisex performed only 2 known tracks from the last releases. all other songs were brand new and appear on the double cd 'ignarrogance' and some of them were also supported live by the voice of tim kniep, the singer of synapscape. the audience was very pleased about the performance and went absolutely crazy. for this festival raoul organised also another andxesion. this time, only pieces & plates of metal were on stage. well, it started harmless, but the power of man was not hidden by beating the metal. this andxesion will not be released. andxesion will never be: raoul r, olivier moreau, philipp münch, tim kniep, p.a.l, salt, t.hein, andreas schramm, rik & christie (orphx), kees de brower (the xtractor organizer).


finally, raoul r. strikes back with his 3rd attack called 'ignarrogance'. this act is finished, again punctual, 400 days after the last album 'over and out'. the word ignarrogance was newly created by raoul r. to reflect the shapes of ignorance vs. arrogance – two faces in a man's mental state. both features reflect your very own fear and wishes in this high tech communication era at the same time. they fight each other for a guilty conscience and they're proud to push your tough virtues into new heights of imaginable satisfaction. be honest, be yourself and use the faces of your ignarrogance in your very own way. many things happened since the last album, like us over and all successfully nosex us-tour in august - september '97 and countless concerts in europe. also, raoul forced his activities as dj for noise, drum'n bass, ambient and industrial in the munich dance scene and became well known for his uncompromising style of his line-up. all these experiences and the evolution left it's mark also in raoul's sonic interpretation. on ignarrogance the typical noisex style became a little bit more anarchic and much rougher than before. the songstructures are very complex and the mixture with other music styles became much more intense and perfect. it became noisex's trademark to treat with mainly distorted and extreme beats which were combined with minimalistic electronics and intelligent tunes. maybe you can call it drum'n noise or dist beat (distorted beats)!


this is the power noise movement worldwide! 


to be continued.........

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